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Bruna Cordeiro


Bruna Cordeiro (Campo Grande / MS, May 1, 1985), from a young age received musical influences from her father who played flute in bands with different styles, from Chorinho to Progressive Rock.

From the age of 12 began to listen to Metal by influence of friends and began musically with drum lessons.

At age 17 he did six months of classical guitar lessons, and also ventured into learning transverse flute and tribal instrument “Didgeridoo”.

Later, he began to play popular guitar and percussion in musical groups during his graduation in Geography, between 2006 and 2010.

As the sister of the vocalist, Livia Cordeiro, she has always been with the band from the beginning, but only in 2013 she joined HAZE – starting a new musical experience, this time as a bass player.

Professionally she works as a geographer, teaches in colleges and does caves mapping.

Slayer, Grave, Kreator, Destruction, Sarcophagus

Cliff Burton (Metallica), Felipe Andreoli (Angra), John Myung (Dream Theater), Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)

Bass Condor BC-4000 4 strings
Pedal Fire Bass Pusher
Hubs METEORO Nitrous 150B and ONNER Sniper 20

HAZE - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017