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Thrash Metal band formed in Campo Grande / MS in the year 1996 with the proposal of uniting, with creativity and quality, weight and melody to vocals from lyrical to guttural.

Uncompromising with labels and prejudices, their lyrics deal with personal experiences and everyday situations. They also often call attention to social and environmental problems, and the main existential questions of humanity.

With a repertoire of lyrics in English and Portuguese, 80% of their own compositions and 20% of the genre are inspired by bands such as Volkana, Metallica, Megadeth, Kreator, Destruction and Taurus, and each member also has their personal influences from others Groups, even of other styles.

They have played in several places in the capital and in some cities in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul – with a performance in Maringá / PR, where they shared the stage with the band Panndora – and, after five years of stoppage (from 2007 to 2011) Due to the involvement of the members in personal projects, returned their activities in 2012 with domicile in São Paulo / SP.

Haze recorded three Demo CDs (in 1999, 2001 and 2004) and in 2006 participated in the “METALVOX Compilation IV” Collection and the release of the CLIP with the working song “Living in the Cave” that can be seen On YouTube, where there is also the audio of the song “Diabolic Mind”.

They are currently in the process of recording the first album with 12 songs of their own in Studio Mr.Som.

The founder, Dutchi, joined Lívia in 1999 – when the band was still called “Kreatures Dark” (1996-2000) – and after several changes in the formation and many ups and downs, both said that in these more 10 years of dedication and persistence, what keeps them on this road is the pleasure of playing the style they like best: Metal!

HAZE - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017